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A.I.R extension #07/lecture-performance with Nav Haq

Excerpt from the correspondence with Nav Haq in preparation for the lectures:

Hi Nav,

As promised some details about the lecture. Let us know what you think about it.

 You are in our Brussels apartment, the location from which we hold this short discussion. We are in the lecture hall, sitting among the public untill we receive your call.

The house as art work

Questions & Details: 
As a way of introducing you we will ask you one question: 
Do you feel like an extra at this moment, within the context of this outline for a “promenade architectural”; as an actor who may be the necessary unifying element in our fragmented representation of our house? Framed by the script, framed by the house.
How would you define your presence in our place right now?

Topics that seem relevant to us:
1/ the telephone, why are we having this conversation over a telephone?
2/ disappearing physical context – ultimately second life 
3/ the house as a medium in its own right / a tool incorporating specific values, through which we perceive the world/our lives
 4/ private space (homeliness) – public space (the public nature of an art work) – our house is not accessible for an audience – mediated extensions
 5/ how can we speak of this house as an art practice – it does not look special 
6/ linking up with the Arnolfini project as conclusion. 

What do you think. Does this work for you?
Let us know.

A reaction from the audience on the lecture at Casino Luxembourg:
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 03:17:04 -0800
From: tomix21@yahoo.com

Subject: more extensions
 To: ronn62@hotmail.com; katleen25@hotmail.com

hello katleen, hello ronny,

i'm still a bit confused about what was said yesterday at the casino, but this morning after talking with a few friends, it all started to make sense.

my friend eric and i missed the introduction to your artwork, so we just sat down and read what was displayed on the wall and tried to imagine those unknown spaces. it kind of reminded me of what david hume once said: that our imagination and creativity is based on our daily experiences. you can not explain to someone who has never tasted red wine, how it tastes. you have to make the experience for yourself. (that's why my band is also called hume.) the point is, i have never seen your home, or house, or whatever you want to call, so i had to built it with my own images/experiences. the only things you made visible were a few lines of text, 2 to 3 images and a few noises, which was enough to get my imagination rolling... i just thought that the journey you proposed was a bit hectic. for me there was not enough time to imagine all of what was written on the wall. it was more like little image flashes... but maybe that was the purpose :)

i didn't share any thoughts with you yesterday because i get kind of nervous talking in public, especially about things i don't know much about: like art. what is art? a question i could talk about for hours: hardwork+goodidea-fashion+relationships-money+contract=art/zeitgeist?

anyways, that's not why i'm writing you an e-mail... if you don't mind, i have a few ideas i want to share with you, for your movie... if that is what you are doing... i mean i felt that through you performences in diffrent locations you were trying to collect ideas for a scenario. so here is what happened to me yesterday:

i was waiting for my friend at the post office (he was late because of work) when my mother called me and told me that a woman named anne kayser had called me at home. my mother told her that i was going to the casino. she asked: to the casino in mondorf? (poker place) my mother replied: no, to the casino in town (exhibition place). she then said: ok, i'll get a hold of him when he gets here.
the thing was, i didn't know any woman named anne kayser. so as written above eric and i went to the casino, sat down and listened to what was said, but in the mean time i was wondering if this strange call was part of your experiment... i didn't know how this woman knew that i was coming, neither how she got my phone number... so i sit there, scanning the audience, looking for clues. then your phone rings and we start talking to a complete stranger. is it a tape? is he real? where is he? somewhere hidden in the casino, looking at us? no, he's somewhere else, somewhere private, i didn't get where and he is talking to us in real time. then katleen wants to say hello, but nothing. THEN, huge microphone feedback. are we in a rehearsal room? what space are we creating, experiencing here? is it real, is it fiction, is it both? the audience starts to take part in the conversation and wants this space to materialize itself before their eyes, which i didn't want: anyways, it happened and ronny by thanking us all for coming and taking part in the experience closed the door to the created space.

that's my story. i really enjoyed your ideas about possible interactions between public/private places. i will try to check back on your website from time to time and see what's happening with your extensions. and by the way, i found out this morning that the woman named anne kayser works for the casino, but i have no idea how she knew that i was coming to the casino that night. maybe you do! ;) i just visited their webpage without putting in any personal information, scary thought...

best regards, tom boris bleser

p.s.: one of my professors at university once told us that the cell phone for example, is an extension of our voice... and i think there are a lot of extensions like these that can be explored. well, good luck, bye

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