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extension#05 website
extension#05 websiteextension#05 websiteextension#05 website

A.I.R extension #05 website

In 2006 a website for A.I.R started to be developed in collaboration with a young team of designers. The process in which they have engaged with them was aimed at trying to establish a site that offered a reflection of the practice of the A.I.R research project. As such it was to become another extension of their house, one with an immediate world-wide scope. Since radio, TV and the worldwide web entered the home, the house has become a media center, something that transforms our understanding of public and private. allows to disseminate ideas developed in a research context and outside the exhibition format. The participants from all walks of life, occupations and places of residence in the world, who collaborated in the A.I.R projects and shared the artist's house (not literally, but as a mental space) are linked to this virtual HOME with the core of their own on-line and off-line activities.

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A.I.R extension #05 website (2006/07)

website developed and realized in collaboration with
Marthe Van Dessel & Rekal Design (Ingrid Stojnic & Bert Balcaen) was launched September 19th / 2007