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Art house Index at 'Visceral Blue', La Capella, Istitut de Cultura de Barcelona.


Andrea Buttner, Sergi Botella, Equipo Re, Isaías Grinƒolo, Derek Jarman, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Julia Montilla, Vermeir & Heiremans

Curated by Anna Manubens

Visceral Blue foregrounds the relationship between being blue and the economic exigencies through works in which the visceral “a notion alluding to both the mind and the body“ and the economic are entangled. In the exhibited projects, political fights have a part of their battlefield in the mind and in the body. Such reframing of blueness as a collateral of financialised subjects aims at exploring blueness as a form of dissent with regard to the very paradigm that produces it. Visceral Blue wants to restore belligerency to frailty in order to allow for blue to become visceral. That is to look at frailty as a space of lucidity and reaction and to understand inadequacy not as that which is not suitable for the system but as that which is deliberately and stubbornly inadequate. The exhibition gathers artists that dare to inhabit and admit the blue; works that extend the responsibility over psychic vulnerability to economic circumstances and narratives that open spaces “even if only holes“ in which to indulge in the hangover from the overexcitement of ever high Wall Street.