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The Good Life

A Proposal by Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans
In collaboration with 51N4E – Office for Architecture, Justin Bennett, Amir Borenstein, Mieja Hollevoet, Pierre Huyghebaert, Eric Jooris and Carly Wijs

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A unique proposal for people who conceive their life as a work of art.

Commissioned by Arnolfini, emerging Belgian artists Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans have developed a remarkably astute project for the Arnolfini building. Their proposal has been unequivocal: transform the former warehouse into luxury residential units and sell them off.. Taking this vision all the way they have initiated a unique collaboration between the Arnolfini and a renowned office for architecture to create a new design for the Arnolfini building that is striking and ambitious. In an unprecedented collaboration between artist and architect, Vermeir & Heiremans have created a concept that eloquently frames 51N4E’s radical architecture. The artists have named their all-embracing proposal THE GOOD LIFE. They are working on this project with a creative team brought together for the occasion, all doing a magnificent job in realising The Good Life. Check out the promotional video or have a look at the proposed plans and get a full tour – get a taste for ‘the good life’.

We should generally add to ‘old buildings’ with a boldness of the best of our ancestors, leaving another layer for our successors to inherit. John Ruskin

Taking their cue from Ruskin, 51N4E, an award-winning office for architecture based in Brussels, have come up with a visionary plan and design. Although the Arnolfini building is situated on a strategic spot in the city it has lacked visibility. 51N4E have aimed to retain the façade’s historic character, while energising the site through the creation of a 21st century landmark building. 51N4E have designed an iconic tower for the Bristol skyline, stamped with Arnolfini’s seal of pioneering quality.

One must live well to know what living is. Bertold Brecht

The 51N4E landmark building elevates modern design and living to a high art. It boasts unique amenities labeled The Good Life Collection. The Collection includes an English landscape garden, a monumental spa inspired by the Byzantine cisterns of Istanbul, and a first prints library. And let’s not forget the lobby. Its pristine white walls and double height ceiling give it the feel of a cutting edge art gallery.

As an international space for contemporary art, ARNOLFINI occupies an ambitious, pioneering position in Bristol, fostering engagement between local, regional and international artists and audiences. ARNOLFINI presents cutting-edge art, music, film & live art within a forward-thinking intellectual framework. Having been pioneering in kick-starting the regeneration of Bristol’s harbourside area after being the first cultural enterprise to move there in the mid-1970s, the Arnolfini is using the opportunity to think about its cultural value at large. A flagship art centre for the South West of England, Arnolfini is considering how such ‘strategic foresight’ has become part of the plan for art institutions in the 21st century, locating them centrally in the development and regeneration of cities.

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